Monday, March 17, 2008

The FHB project - part 5 - More on task resolution

My next step was supposed to be an outline of the classes, but when thinking about them I decided that I need a way to make each class better at whatever it's supposed to do, therefore I needed to revisit the Task Resolution.

When we last saw the Task Resolution system, it was based on a d% roll against a success number derived from the character's base attributes.

Many rolls that the characters make will be opposed; we could just have both characters roll, then assign victory to whomever succeeded the most or failed the least, but that's a bit meh, requires awkward number crunching and doesn't give a way to distinguish between classes apart from flat bonuses.

Instead we'll go with a one roll system.

To suceed at an opposed task your roll needs to be equal to or lower than your success number and equal to or higher than your opponent's.

Each level, your character gains a 5% adjustment potential that can be applied to rolls made in that character's area of expertise; fighters can use it on combat rolls, Magicians on magical rolls and Scoundrels on social or sneaky rolls.

The Adjustment potential is applied after the dice are rolled, and can be used to raise your Success number or lower your opponent's. It can be split between the two tasks in 5% blocks.

This also gives us the bones to hang a skill system off - each skill gives a character a new area of expertise that they can apply thier Adjustment Potential to.

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