Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Iron Guild Wars - Update from the front

Orpheus is still alive, currently level 10 with a level 9 Melandru's Stalker.

At the Nolani Academy mission - have completed the bonus, but lag meant that Rurik got toasted leading to mission failure, but fortunately no death count.

Current build is Blood, Curses, and Beast mastery with Soul Reaping for energy management.

I and other Demon internet users are suffering form horrendus lag in GW between about 09:00 and 00:00 during the week. Demon have been less than helpful.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Iron Guild Wars - Attempt one

Bad start.

Character classes chosen randomly.

Loke the Fox
-You were a Mesmer/Monk
-You survived for 26 minutes
-You got to level 2 and earnt 2,578 experience
-You had 10 gold
-You were killed by a Skeleton Raider in the fields outside Ashford Abbey
-You completed 0 missions
-You knew 8 skills
-You were wielding a Starter Cane
-You were wearing Dilettante's armor
-You had found one red iris flower

Well, so much for that then. Main mistake was over aggro vs. the Undead in the monk starter quest.

Next up we have Orpheus Dethanos, Necromancer/Ranger

Guild Wars - The Scavenger Ironman challenge

To complete a Guildwars campaign playing in the spirit of a Roguelike game.

What's that then?
Guildwars is a semi-MMO from Arenanet, published by PlayNC. It's very pretty and quite difficult if you don't know what you're doing.

Roguelikes are a class of game known for using ASCII graphics, random dungeons and not allowing saves. The thinking man's Hardcore Diablo.

What are the rules?

- Your choice of campaign.

- You may change campaign to pick up Heroes (but not skills or other toys) if starting in Factions or Prophecies.

- The only things you can buy are armor and skills. The components for the armor must have been gathered by that character, and you can only use skills from your native campaign. You may not use any pre-order weapons. Heroes have to be equipped out of finds too.

- You can trade stuff to collectors and get advanced materials from the artisans in the wild.

- No PvE skills.

- If you die, you delete. The only exceptions are cutscene mandated deaths (e.g. Vizunah square) and any deaths in the PvP thing you have to do before leaving pre-searing.

- You may team with other people if you want.

In short - use what you find, delete if you die.