Friday, May 02, 2008

And another one down, and another one down,...

...and another one bites the dust...

Really stupid death - I know the Frost Gate bonus is a pain at these levels, and I still tried to do it. Got so caught up taking down the Doylak riders that I ignored the warriors.

Orpheus Dethanos
-You were a Necromancer/Ranger
-You got to level 11 and earnt 50,920 experience
-You had 351 gold
-Your equipment and loot was worth 724 gold
-You were killed by a Stone Summit Crusher in The Frost Gate
-You completed 5 missions
-You knew 32 skills
-You were wielding a Truncheon and an Accursed Icon
-You were wearing Tyrian armor, AR 30
-You had a level 10 Melandru's stalker
-You had found seven red iris flowers