Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The FHB project - part 4 - Races

Yesterday I decided on my attribute generation system and basic task resolution, today it’s time to work on the races.


The most common race, humans very adaptable. Most of the human Kingdoms have only been in existence for a few hundred years at most, the land previously having been under the rule of the Elven Empire.

- One attribute of the player’s choice is Favoured.


Half-kin are the children of a Demon and one of the other races. I’ll need to design the Demons before I can come back to these guys. Or maybe save them for an expansion.


The elves are a dying race; once their empire spanned the known world, but they were overthrown by an alliance of the humans and traitors from within the empire. The Elves now make their home in the great forests, and are regarded with suspicious amongst the humans.

-Agility and Intelligence are favoured
-Personality and Willpower are slighted
-Live for a couple of hundred years after reaching adulthood


The Dwarves have only recently started leaving their mountain strongholds; rumours are that they dug too deep and un-earthed a demon buried by the Gods in the Time of Creation.

-Strength and Willpower are favoured
-Agility and Personality are slighted
-Have sonar
-Suffer penalties to vision in bright light
-Live for a few hundred years after reaching adulthood. Old dwarves don’t die, they turn into stone.

Sea Elves

The ancestors of the Elves who sided with the humans and brought down the Elven Empire, the Sea Elves were exiled from the forests. To their dismay, they found no home for them amongst the newly forming human kingdoms, and were driven to live on the ocean.

- Agility is favoured
- Personality is slighted
- Can spend four times as long underwater as other races
- Live for a couple of hundred years after reaching adulthood

A Tolkienesque detail crept in there with the Dwarves, along with the start of a world history. Whatever the dwarves dug up is probably related to the Demons that are threatening the human kingdoms.

Need a better name for these guys. And the Sea Elves.

Until recently, the Eagle-men were thought to be the sole inhabitants of the Mountains. They have little to do with Humans, but tensions between them and the Dwarves are high.

- Strength and Agility are favoured
- Toughness and personality are slighted
- Can fly
- Have a Talon strike attack that can be used when flying
- Have really good eyesight

Next will be the Classes and some notes on the Demons.

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