Sunday, July 22, 2007

The 'Create a character' challenge

Well, it's not so much a challenge, more a reason to have a look at some of the games I've bought over the years.

Inspired by this thread on RPGnet, I'm going to be making one character for every RPG that I own.

Where character generation is random, the dice will be obeyed. Where it is not, or choices are allowed, the goal will be to make some sort of Warrior-scholar type.

Where different editions of a game are owned, a character will only be made for the most recent edition, unless there are significant differences between editions.

Equipment will not be purchased unless it's an essential part of the character, e.g. cyberware.

Sadly, I've bought a lot of rather rubbish games in my time as curios and 'How not to...' guides for when I get around to writing my own RPG (as every RPer is wont to do).

Looking at my gameshelf, the first five will be World of Synnibar, Dark Urthe Legends, Dandanon, Fifth Cycle and Gurps 3rd edition.

Fortunately, most of the stinkers are at the beginning of my games-shelf.

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